Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bostwick House Bed & Breakfast

Wednesday began as it seems everyday this month has with rain showers. Having prepared our baggage Tuesday evening Joan and I left Auburn shortly after noon and made our way down Rt. 34 to Ithaca. Using the GPS as our guide we made our way to Bostwick House Bed & Breakfast

On November 14, 2008, while attending the 16th Annual Public Interest Bid for Justice Auction at the Oncenter Convention Center in Syracuse, NY, Emily and Michael bid on and won a one night stay at the Bostwick House Bed & Breakfast and a bottle of Hazlitt White Stag wine. This getaway package was donated by former SPIN directors: Ryatt Maness, Jennifer Pautz, Stephen Heath, and Nora Spillane.

On Christmas Eve, knowing our fondest for bed and breakfasts, Emily and Michael gave us their purchase as a Christmas gift.

Before checking in at the B&B, we proceeded to The Commons in downtown Ithaca. Caught in a maze of one-way streets we wished that we had Michael with us to help navigate. Once finding a parking space we took our umbrellas and walked around the area. Looked into several restaurants and studied their posted menus. Bought the Ithaca Journal at a newsstand.

Arriving at the Bostwick House we were greeted by Maryrose Savino, the owner. Maryrose showed us to our room, The Library Suite. The room was as advertised a charming place with private bathroom, queen bed with designer bedding and books at your fingertips. This suite is located on the first floor of the house.

One interesting feature of the suite is an original map of Tompkins County.


The location of the house

The identity of the first owner

An illustration of Enfield Falls

Walked around the grounds and took some photos.

View from porch. Day still overcast.

View from backyard.

Spring house - chicken coop - chickens.

Maryrose in her studio doorway.

Sat in the living room and read the paper.

Foyer - Stairway - Looking into Living Room.

Maryrose provided a dish of blueberries that she just picked and two tall glasses of lemonade.

Living Room

Living Room Mantle

Living Room Mantle with Glass Collection

The sun peeked through so Joan went out on the porch to read.

On Maryrose’s recommendation we decided to dine at ZaZa’s Cucina at 622 Cascadilla Street. The atmosphere was unique, evidently the structure was once a video store. The waitstaff was alert and responsive. After sampling the crusty rolls served with olive oil, Joan had eggplant parm and I had chicken parm. Both were came with fresh asparagus and my entree included garlic roasted potatoes. While the portions were not large the sauce was excellent.

Returning to our lodging, we spent the evening finishing our novels and retired early.

Rising for the scheduled 7:45 AM breakfast, we introduced ourselves to the other guests, Larry, a Sci-Fi writer, and his son, Gerard and Alexis and her daughter, Rebecca. Larry wrote the script for one of the Planet of the Apes films. Gerard, a high school junior, was having his third interview for admission to Cornell. Alicia, also junior, was checking out Ithaca College.

Maryrose served orange juice, a blueberry yogurt, a French toast dish with blueberries, ready-to-serve sausage, and coffee for breakfast. Rebecca was soy tolerant, so Maryrose made her an omelet with tomato and artichoke on the side.

Dining Room

Since their appointments were for 8:30 AM the foursome left right after eating breakfast.

After breakfast, Joan and I sat on the porch. Joan read and I observed a titmouse sitting on a power line as well as a woodpecker in a front yard tree. The chickens were active in their cage.


Titmouse on Wire

Porch Flower Garden

Maryrose's Studio

Chicken Coop

Leaving around 11 AM we stopped at the bottom of Bostwick Road to photograph a gnarly tree. This tree was outside the white picket fence of a home for the elderly.

We then drove on to Watkins Glen. Passing through Burdett, NY we noticed an attractive little cafe. If it had been later we probably would have had lunch there.

At Watkins Glen we parked behind the Harbor Hotel and walked out on the pier. This was truly one of the best days for the summer.

Mandatory Pier Shot

Family Fishing

Summer School Students - Kayaking Class

Trumpet Vine

Watkins Glen Yatch Club

Continuing driving north we passed several wineries. In Geneva, we had lunch at the Ponderosa. The eatery helped us recall the many times we frequented this franchise while traveling to Akron.

After visiting Sauder's to stock up on birdseed and buy fresh peaches we drove into the driveway around 3 PM.

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