Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letterboxing Adventure

What began as an overcast day turned into a bright, sunny afternoon. Michael and I decided to go Letterboxing , an activity that we have not pursued for awhile.

Our first letterboxing adventure was A Haunted Houseful. This clever romp was created by Red Barn Photos.

This treasure hunt contained five letterboxes. These boxes were dedicated to a ghoulish group of friends, Count Dracula, Mummy, Jack-o-lantern, Frankenstein, and their residence. Their fabulous resting place, along with some other very quiet folks, is Cold Spring Cemetery, just north of the intersection of York and State St (also known as Route 38) in Auburn.

Cold Spring Cemetery is a historical landmark, the final resting place of immigrants who escaped the Irish potato famine and veterans of the Civil War.

The yellow gate was our starting point. Our first find was the Count. Then after passing Fitzpatrick and a fallen O'Horo found Mumm E's niche. We kept going past Finn and Patrick and Ellen Clancy and lying next to Thomas Clancy was Jack in a good shelter.

Frank was among the missing. But after paying our respects to Sarah Nolan and Margaret Kennedy, we uprooted the group home.

View from Home Letterbox

Our second letterboxing adventure was Mayura. This pleasant stroll was also created by Red Barn Photos.

Hoopes Park Club House

This letterbox was hidden in Hoopes Park. This park is one of our favorite walking paths. The flowers were especially attractive today. Also the number of people using the park this afternoon was impressive. We had to use stealth is acquiring the stamp.

Flower Bed

The stamp was carved in the image one of Red Barn Photos’ favorite animals, Mayura. The box name is the Sanskrit name for this beautiful bird. In the Hindu belief, Mayura is a symbol of benevolence, patience, kindness and compassion. The carved image was based on "Pride" by Micah Guenther.
Gazebo & Pond Fountain

It was good to get back into letterboxing. Surely Michael and I will be out and about again soon.


Yours Truly

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