Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Michael Visit

Road Dogs

The sky was overcast. Channel 9 weather prediction did not look promising. However, refusing to be deterred at 8 AM Greg and I loaded Brad's truck from the refrigerator and headed North. With the exception of Thruway construction from Weedsport to Liverpool and getting behind three horse trailers outside of Adams Center, the trip from Perrine to Camp Michael was a smooth ride.

The cloudy skies made for a dull background for the wind mills. But Greg was still impressed.

We fueled up at Subway. Why is there never a parking space nearby?

Camp Michael was in pristine condition. Someone had recently mowed the grass. This brought a smile to our faces since we would not have to unload the lawn mower and weed whacker we brought with us. After moving in the refrigerator, attempted to turn on the water. Could not figure our the valve system so we left it alone. We ate our sandwiches and chips and wandered around the yard then walked back on the camp road.

A big surprise was looking across the Stillwater Road and seeing what appears to be some logging.

Drove down to Francis Lake. Walked to the shoreline.

Checked on the our geocache Francis Lake Revisited . All is well.

Since all was good and we had no tasks to do headed back home by way of Utica so Greg could see Snow Ridge. Our first rain came as we were approaching the Weedsport exit. All in all a great day to visit the Adirondacks.

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