Sunday, July 19, 2009

Copper John Visited

Copper John

Since I had a letter that needed to be mailed, decided to make the Post Office a destination for my morning walk. Usually the downtown motels host the spillover hot rod enthusiasts from the Syracuse Nationals, however, there were no customized cars in the lots as I walked by.

Coming out of the Holiday Inn parking lot noticed that the morning sky accented Copper John in a good light. Took several photos. As I was making my way down State Street, a white-shirted sergeant passed through the construction gate and walked across the street towards me. Before he could speak I told him that I was photographing Cooper John. The officer identified himself as Tony, his last name escaped me. He said the prison administration was concerned about pictures taken outside the prison gates being given to inmates who might use the snapshot to plan an escape.

I assured him that I lived in the neighborhood and simply wanted to take advantage of the lighting to capture Copper John.

Note the guy with the two Great Danes

Before we parted ways I told Tony a couple of Cooper John stories. Tony admitted that aside from viewing Cooper John when he was recently on the ground for repairs that he knew little about this iconic figurine.

We shook hands and as Tony prepared to reenter the facility he stated that he once had a math teacher who was named Cameron. I let his comment leave with the wind.

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