Sunday, May 09, 2010


Roselawn at 91 South Street was built by Judge Joseph Lane Richardson.

On April 17, 1838, the Judge's daughter, Catherine, married William Clinton Beardsley. The couple moved into Roselawn and remained there with their three daughters.

William Clinton Beardsley was born in Venice. Beardsley studied law with William H. Seward. Beardsley was president of the Auburn Exchange Bank and a trustee master in Auburn in 1841. In 1841 Beardsley became postmaster in Auburn.

Beardsley's daughters, Josephine and Catherine, inherited the family home and its 17 acres. In 10901, a year after her father died, Josephine married the Rev. Clement Brown, pastor of St. John's Church. The couple purchased a villa in Cannes, France, and occupied Roselawn in Auburn only in the summer.

In 1921, after the Browns decided to make Cannes their permanent home, Roselawn was sold to Charles W. Ross, vice-president of Dunn and McCarthy Shoe Co.

Dunn and McCarthy Shoe Co.

Upon the death of Ross in 1937, the property was sold to the Enna Jettick Corporation for $25,000.

The company's slogan was,
“You need no longer be told you have an expensive foot.”

Enna Jettick converted the house into eight apartments. In 1939, Enna Jettick Corporation built five Cape Cod-style bungalows on the north side lawn. In 1973, Enna Jettick Corporation sold the entire property for $100,000 to the Roselawn Estates.

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