Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Parade 2010

At 10:45 AM Michael let me out in front of Whiting’s. Walked over to 63 formerly 77. There as usual the dignitaries were greeting each other and interacting with the sparse crowd.

Assemblyman Gary Finch, Mayor Mike Quill, Legislator Tim Lattimore, State Senator Michael Nozzolio, Councilman Tom McNabb

63 formerly 77 was looking good. There were appeared to be red roses in front of the side porch and daylilies growing in the recently constructed flower box under the front windows.

The parade stepped off as scheduled at 11:00 AM.

The pipe band was the first musical unit to perform for the crowd.

Curbside at 63 formerly 77 resembled a corporal’s guard with the clan in attendance.

Moved down the street. The crowd increased especially in front of the VFW.

Took some more footage of the pipe band as they marched down Genesee Street hill.

Stood on the steps of Wegmans to take some shots from a different perspective.

Photographed my first tee-shirt back. (A project that I conceived for the summer.) Asked the gentleman for permission to photograph his shirt. He had no problem with it.

Like this reflection of the building next to Silbert’s.

Dancin’ Bill went by too fast for a frontal picture.

Dan Emmi must own more police cars than most small cities.

The Purple Lancers have reorganized. They looked crisp and played sharp.

My second tee-shirt back.

Got to love old bikes.

Some people would rather read than watch a parade.

Met up with Michael, Ryan and Emily at the Knights of Columbus. The beer tent was hopping and the pizza fritta concession was having a hard time keeping up. Waiting for Emily to get ice cream from Poppy’s, we consumed a cool drink. After which I headed home.

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