Monday, May 17, 2010

Beardsley Home

The home at 194 Genesee Street was built for Alonzo Glover Beardsley. This home was occupied by the Beardsley family until 1955.

Alonzo Beardsley was born in Venice to John and Alice Booth Beardsley. The Beardsleys moved to Auburn in 1836. Alonzo studied law with John Porter and became a partner in the practice.

In 1848, Alonzo was one of the officers of the newly formed Oswego Starch Company. Alonzo held various positions with the company for more than 50 years. Alonzo also was involved in the Cayuga Chief Manufacturing Co. that in 1875 consolidated with D.M. Osborne & Company.

In 1848, Alonzo Beardsley married Anna Phillips Porter of Auburn. The couple had five children. In 1898 the Beardsleys celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a gala event at this home they built in 1850.

Upon the death of Alonzo Beardsley, the home was given to his son, Peter Beardsley and his wife, Helen Peterson Beardsley. Porter Beardsley, the youngest son of Alonzo and Anna, was born in 1863. Porter graduated from Yale University and Law School and opened his law practice in Auburn at 41 Genesee Street. Porter served as a trustee of the Seymour Library for more than 50 years and was a trustee of Fort Hill Cemetery. Porter's wife, Anna, gave music lessons and recitals in this home for many years.

The 194 Genesee Street address was known throughout Auburn for its terraced gardens of roses. The gardens were maintained for more than 51 years by the family gardener, James K. Nolan.

Upon the death of Anna and Porter, the home was sold by their heirs in 1955.

The Beardsley monument is located in the Cemetery's Glen Alpine section.

The porch additions which were built in 1890 were removed and the home was converted into an apartment house.

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