Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auburn-Fleming Trail Revisited

TrailHead - Dunning Avenue

Revisited - Saturday, January 9, 2010
The Auburn-Fleming Trail

This afternoon I decided to take my snowshoes on their initial trek for 2010. Refreshed my memory by looking over my previous entry. Got the snowshoe bag down from the loft in the garage and drove out.

Pulled into the trail head parking lot on the east side of Dunning Avenue behind a gray soccer Mom van with a Buffalo Bills bumper stick. Put on the equipment with little effort and I was off.

Approached and crossed the first bridge.

Came upon an elderly gentleman who said that he uses the trail often.

A short ways down the trail deviated to check out some snowmobile tracks. Evidently snowmobilers are racing through farm fields to the west of the trail and then are using an illegal entry to the trail.

Approached and crossed the second bridge.

Came upon a bridge with no railings or warning signs. Could be a hazard to snowmobilers who use this illegal portion of the trail.

Trail facing South.

Posted sign note made from aluminum.

Trail facing North.

Fire hydrant at south trail entrance.

Trail sign at south entrance.

On the return trip there were four horses in a field to the east of the trail. The landowner was snowblowing his driveway accompanied by his German shepherd. Passed two women who were also snowshoeing the trail. Checked out the well marked official snowmobile trail and was passed by 11 snowmobilers who were considerate.

All in all the trek was a successful first effort. Only tripped up once.

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