Friday, October 03, 2008

Auburn - Fleming Trail

Photo - Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo - Friday, October 03, 2008

The Auburn-Fleming Trail


This afternoon I decided to use Rich & Sue Freeman's Take Your Bike! Family Rides in the Finger Lakes Region as a guide and walk the Auburn-Fleming Trail. Using an abandoned railroad bed, this trail runs from the east side of Dunning Avenue to Route 34. There are 5 geocaches ( GC8E8E - GCK7EG - GCK7EQ - GC15ERB - GC163GY ) to be found along this path.

Using the the coordinates below I drove to the parking area.

Location - N42° 54.824 - W76° 35.024

Parking - on the east side of Dunning Avenue, south of Clymer Street.

Note - clicking on photos enlarges them.

The trail sign is missing from the trailhead.

After a rough start over buried wooden railroad ties, I approached a bridge.

This metal grate bridge has been topped by a wooden bridge.

Before reaching the next bridge there was a marsh on my left.

Approaching the bridge.

After crossing this bridge I passed unmarked posted trails.

I then came upon a farm lane crossing.

A third bridge crossed over a creek.

A trail on the right heads toward a farm. This appears to part of a snowmobile trail system.

Five horses were grazing in a pasture to the east of the trail.

The trail ends at Route 34.

After pausing to take a photo of the Snow Panther sign, headed back to the car.

Revisited - Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today revisited the trail in search of a geocache - Tribute to Local Musicians! (GC1J9BJ)

During the morning hours two to three inches of snow fell, making the entrance to the trail quite wet.

Proceeding to the cache passed the meadow on my left.

Reached the cache site. This photo was taken from above the hidden cache ammo box.

Retracing my steps took this photo of the meadow which was now on my right.

Before recrossing the first bridge stopped to chat with the owner of the posted lands adjacent to the trail. He was clad in camo and orange carrying this shotgun. He informed me that the trail was safe to venture down since he and the other owners never shot in the near vicinity. The reason for his afternoon walk was to discourage poachers from using the area.

Had to navigate around the puddles on my way to the trail head.

Successful hunt. MaMa Bear, the cache owner, left CDs as a reward for discovery. Took a CD.

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