Friday, August 08, 2008

Mets vs. Marlins

View from our seats

Today (08.08.08) at 11 AM Ryan, Michael and I ventured forth via Onondaga Coach to Shea Stadium. Arrived at 4 PM. For some reason we made no bathroom stops. Guess this is why there is a rest room on the bus and bus drivers have ironcast bladders. Rained the entire trip down as if we expected the weather to different on this day of crazy eights. Miraculously the skies cleared and bright sunshine showered us as we were ushered to our seats in Mezzanine section 27 row box A by Joel L.

Once seated we immediately went into the concourse for food. Joan told us to take something to eat. Did we listen, of course not. Michael was a bit taken aback having to pay seven dollars for a Nathan’s hot dog, but his Coke came in a commemorative cup. Ryan purchased a classy souvenir to go with his free blanket compliments of MasterCard.

Just before the national anthem, Ralph Kiner peeled off the number marking how many games left in the old stadium.

David Wright hit a two-run homer in the first inning. Carlos Delgado homered in the late innings. Both times I neglected to photograph the apple coming out of the hat.

Oliver Perez pitched two-hit ball for seven innings. He left after 120 pitches to the cheers of an appreciative crowd.

Upon leaving and walking toward the bus it registered just how many people were at the game. It was not Falcon Park.

Before boarding the bus for our return, many of us pleaded with the driver to consider a half stop. He said he would. At 1 AM he did. MickeyD's.

Terry in an email offered a summation of our trip with this equation - bus seat (time siting down) + stadium seat (time sitting down) + bus seat (time sitting down) = butt-worry (sore).

A little after 4 AM drove into the driveway at Perrine. Before falling into bed, I think I saw Ryan, Michael and myself stepping off the bus in front of Citi Field.

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