Thursday, October 09, 2008

Leaf-Peeping 2008

Camp Michael

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Yesterday Joan and I arrived at Camp Michael in mid-afternoon.

The drive up was most pleasant. There was a variety of colors on Rt. 81. We stooped at the Tug Hill trailhead and ate lunch on a picnic bench. Once in Lowville we treated ourselves to a McDonald hot fudge sundae for our dessert.

The ride up Number Four gave us our first true Autumn leaf color.

Turning into the camp driveway we noticed that Wally's trees had been removed.

And our Christmas trees had been topped.

Wonder who was the Fairy Woodsman. He must have mowed the grass too because it did not need cutting.

After settling in, we took a walk to Francis Lake. Joan gathered some pine cones.

After checking the geocache, we made our way to Moshier Dam and Sunday Creek.

Completing a short walk to the bridge and the canoe portage launch we returned to camp.

View from the Beaver River canoe portage.

Using the Erie Canal road we drove to Brantingham for supper at the Pine Tree Inn. Heather, our waitress, was most efficient and cordial while serving us our Chicken Parmigiana dinners.

After watching the Presidential debate on television we retired for the evening.

Today after eating our breakfast sausage egg and cheese served on an English muffin by Renee at the Sawmill, Joan and I traveled to Stillwater. The reservoir appeared to be quite low.

Went back to the Big Moose Road and made our way to Eagle Bay.

Stopped at a pond on the Big Moose Road.

Another stop on the Big Moose Road.

Another stop - Big Moose Community Chapel

Yet another stop - Big Moose Lake

Turning left at Eagle Bay we motored to Inlet. After using the restrooms at the town park,

we walked out on the Fourth Lake boat dock.

Then we drove on the South Shore Road intending to visit Holl's Inn. But to our disappointment it was gated shut. Retracing our route back into Inlet we pulled over and visited with an elderly couple who were planting Spring flowers. The woman whose voice had a touch of German accent stated that the owner of Holl's Inn did not come up this summer because she was ill. However, the cottages were rented and look after by a caretaker.

While on the South Shore Road one more side trip was in order. We pulled into Loomis Road.

While Thelma and Loomis' are a distant memory, (where is Red-on-the-Head when you need him?)

the ball field lives on.

We could not leave Inlet without entering the Rochester Bar.

Upon reaching Old Forge we parked and strolled through the Old Forge Hardware and a few other shops before having lunch at Slickers. Amy, the only waitress on duty, was overwhelmed by the crowd of leaf-peepers, nevertheless, Joan's Balboa and my Chicken Supreme were excellent.

The ride to Utica provided more splendid color especially around Forestport. At which point we took a right on a whim.

After circling the Black River we ended up in Boonville. This gave Joan the opportunity to shop at Persnickety.

Back on the road upon entering Utica we pulled in to BJs for gas and artichokes. Glad we did since we may have missed an accident on the Thruway near Westmoreland. The tragic tractor trailer collision tied up traffic on Thruway for over an hour. Once freed to continue we drove trough a rain storm and arrived home safely.

Thanks to the Colonel we had chicken wraps for dinner.

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