Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cayuga Community College Trail

On this bright winter afternoon I decided to rewalk the Cayuga Community College Trail.

Referencing Rich & Sue Freeman's Take a Hike! Family Walks in New York's Finger Lakes Region Guide Book (Footprint Press), parked at the coordinates below:
Location - N42° 56.727 - W76° 32.662

Stopped to admire the plaque honoring Ruth Sara Goldman.

After checking the lay of the land.

Proceeded down the path.

Came upon the first pond and checked out the bridge.

On a knoll overlooking the pond is a new red bench.

The Goldman swing can still be found on the northern lip of the pond.

Just to the right beyond the pond is an elevated wooden trail.

Came upon the second pond.

There are two bridges and a path on the east side of the pond.

There is a concrete bridge at the northwest corner of the pond. Under this bridge the runoff enters a third pond area.

Went down the path through the woods and detoured to the right for a look at the third pond.

Continuing on the trail came upon a rest area.

Walked east on the trail and passed by Andy, a former co-worker at WMS, and his black dog.

Approached the trail sign and followed the running trail.

Entering a clearing there on the path someone had left bird seed. Eating the seed were a dark eyed junco, a tree sparrow and a northern cardinal. Before I could take a photo another walker who was talking on his cell phone and his dog, Carter, enter the area and put the birds to flight.

Took an alternate path up through the woods. There I discovered an old growth tree.

Went toward the Y-split between the lily pond and a bridge to the main trail.

At the junction noticed this chicken wire protected acorn tree.

After crossing the bridge and entering an open area stopped to photograph my favorite Christmas tree.

Came to the last two bridges before returning to the entrance.

Sat for a moment before leaving.

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