Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Photography Workshop

A winter photography workshop was held today at the Montezuma Audubon Center (MAC).

This two-part workshop was conducted by Dave Spier. A morning hands-on outdoor session demonstrated how to digitally capture birds, wildlife and plants in the winter landscape. In the afternoon session, Spier took a virtual look at how nearby destinations between Genesee Valley and central New York offered opportunities to capture lighting and composition of landscape and wildlife.

Spier moderates a free nature Montezuma Photography eClub for Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.

The program began promptly at 9:00 AM. A group of 27 participants gathered in the main room of MAC. After introductions the group stepped outside and gathered near the bird feeders. Spier pointed out how shooting through the glass doors of the MAC works well. Spier suggested to shot the bird on a branch rather than on the bird feeder.

Walking down path Spier stopped to demonstrate the use of a tripod while photographing a milk pod. A question was asked regarding the histogram. Some photographers feel the histogram is one of the most useful tools available in digital photography today. Spier explained that most camera manuals would illustrate how to use this technique. Spier also addressed exposure compensation.

Before entering the wood Spier noted the edge effect. Here field, bush and pond provide food, cover and shelter making it an excellent place to capture photos of wildlife.

The group passed the observation deck which overlooks Merganser Pond.

Then made its way up Warbler Walk.

Spier stopped at an old grown white oak. There is mentioned looking for texture and side lighting.

Taking a black garbage bag from his backpack Spier layed down in the snow to demonstrate how changing angles can bring a different perspective to your shot.

The group entered the wood and Spier talked about photographing mushrooms and and moss.

The Auburn Photography Club was well represented by the presence of four members - Don & Shannon, Drew, and Dean. Introduced myself to a gentleman who turned out to be Doug Frackelton who used to lived next store to the formerly 77 now 63 in Auburn NY.

Passed on the afternoon session. Wanted to get home to watch the SU/WV game.

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