Friday, May 29, 2009



Female Fidelity


Beloved, it is morn!
Redder berry on the thorn,
A deeper yellow on the corn,
For this good day new-born:
Pray, Sweet, for me
That I may be
Faithful to God and thee.
Emily Henriette Hickey, 1945-1924

Speedwell grows wild on banks and hedgerows and covers the ground in the spring with its brilliant blue flowers.

Its appearance has caused the little plant to be called by many "eye" names, after the sharp little eyes of a bird, or the little eye which looks out at you from the heart of the flower. It is commonly known as Bird's-eye, but also Angels'-eyes, Cats'-eye, Bright-eye and Milkmaid's-eye.

The genus name is Veronica, the origin of which is uncertain. It weems possible that it comes from the Greek word "beronike" meaning a faithful likeness. More likely the plant is called Speedwell because the flowers fall as soon as it is picked and people fancied it was like saying goodbye to a parting friend.

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