Wednesday, May 13, 2009




Some young and saucy dandelions
Stood laughing in the sun;
They were brimming full of happiness
And running o'er with fun.

At length they saw beside them
A dandelion old;
His form was bent and withered,
Gone were his looks gold.

"Oh,oh!" they cried, "just see him;
"Old greybeard, how d'ye do?
We'd hide our heads in the grasses,
If we were as bald as you."

But lo! when dawned the morning,
Up rose each tiny head,
Decked not with golden tresses,
But long grey locks instead.

Every kid loves to blow the seeds from the dandelion seedhead to tell the time.

The name is from the French, "dent-de-lion", because the jagged edges of the leaves are like the teeth of a wild animal.

Several superstitions surround the Dandelion. A wish should come true if all the seeds are blown off in one breath; if some remain it indicates how many children you will have.

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