Friday, September 25, 2009

Accident on Perrine Street

Car in front of Vergie's house
Cell phone photo

Awoken by the sound of crash at 2:15 AM this morning. Looked out bedroom window and saw Bob's van had collided with Courtney's car. Called 911.

Within a matter of minutes two fire engines, five patrol cars and an ambulance were on the scene.

Dressing and going out onto the porch saw there was a crumpled vehicle in front of Vergie's house.

Emergency vehicles in our front yard
Digital Camera - still working on taking nite photos

Joan gathered some details from the crowd. Evidently Bob arrived home a little after midnight from his work. Parked his car as usual across from his home. He heard the crash. Went out into the street. The driver requested that Bob not call the police. Mute point since I already phoned 911. Bob was amazed that the force of the crash could move his car over a hundred feet east since it was in park.

Police looking at Courtney's auto
Cell phone photo

Courtney's car sustained considerable damage to the driver's side door.

The driver who caused the accident appeared to be intoxicated. The ambulance attendants strapped him to a body board and transported from the scene.

Loading the injured driver
Cell phone photo

This incident reinforces why the city should mandate off-street parking. Granted this rule would not eliminate drunken driving but it would protect personal property.

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