Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Westcott Street Cultural Fair

Sunday marked the 18th year for the Westcott Street Cultural Fair. Diane, Emily, Joan, Michael and I attended.

The annual Westcott Street Cultural Fair kicked off at noon with a parade led by community activist Starke Donnally, who is best known for his efforts to maintain and improve the Westcott Street area.

Known for its world music, ethnic dances and vendors, the event did not disappoint. With activities geared to families, the fair attracted more than 6,000 people.

One of first stops was the Petit Branch Library. There we purchased several cookbooks and CDs. Phenomenal pricing - books for a dollar and CDs for two dollars.

Street Minstrels of all varieties were on hand.

Our Perrine Street neighbors, Daniel and Susan, performed with their Morris Dance troupe to the enthusiastic applause of the crowd.

On the main stage, there was smooth jazz by E.S.P.

On an alternate stage a diverse groups of musicians played world music.

There were several soloists performing up and down the street.

A young dance group played tribute to Michael Jackson.

The girls found consumer heaven while shopping at Boom Babies. With the upcoming wedding only days away Emily walked away with a pair of shoes and Joan toted out a small purse.

To quench our hunger and thirst we ordered food at Dorian’s Gourmet and Pizza and Deli. Diane had a huge chicken salad sandwich, Emily had a creamy, cheesy chicken sub and the rest of us had the house gyro sandwich. All were A-OK.

All in all thanks to Emily and Michael's invitation to visit their neighborhood coupled with a sunny day once the shower passed we thoroughly had an most enjoyable experience.

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