Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Writing Workshop - CLUSTER

Imagine that you have been given a topic. You have been asked to think of words that remind you of that topic word. That group of words is called a CLUSTER.

It's fun to create word clusters by BRAINSTORMING with your partner or with a friend. When you brainstorm, you jot down your ideas as quickly as you can. Word clusters are a good way to think of supporting details for a topic. When you finish creating your cluster, you will probably have material to write a good paragraph.


Form clusters for each of the topics listed below by brainstorming a list of ideas that you think of when you hear the topic word. Use colors, feelings, smells, appearances, sounds, or tastes to describe each topic word.


TOPIC: designer Jeans

IDEAS: expensive
make me -feel good
wear them anywhere
kills my clothing budget
tore my favorite pair



favorite entertainer: __ (you put in the name)



the future



You can form the supporting ideas you listed for one of your topics into a paragraph. Begin by writing a topic sentence.

Here is a topic sentence on the main idea of DESIGNER JEANS, using some of the supporting ideas from the list.

"If I had my way, I would live in my stone-washed, super-comfortable, straight-legged designer jeans."

The remaining ideas become the supporting ideas. Here is one way these ideas might be written into a paragraph:

"If I had my way, I would live in my stone-washed, super-comfortable, straight-legged designer jeans. True, they are expensive, but then I only need a couple of pairs to last through a season. I feel so good when I'm dressed in designer jeans; they give me the confidence to relax and be myself. I can wear my designer jeans anywhere because they are so versatile."

Now choose one of the main idea topics to write a paragraph about. The topics were the beach, your favorite entertainer, dreams, secrets, friends, flowers, munchies, the future, and money.

Pick at least three supporting ideas from your list. Put them together into a paragraph about your main idea.

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