Friday, June 29, 2007

Poetry Workshop - Simile To Metaphor

Simile To Metaphor

Changing a simile into a metaphor
Is like opening a swinging door
Changing a simile into a metaphor
Is the branch growing
Into the trunk of the tree.

A simile says,

"I am slinky like a cat."
It is tame.
It doesn't take the next step and say,
I am a slinky cat."

"I am as hot as a fire"
would change into,
"I am a hot fire."

So, to change a simile that uses "like" or "as" into a metaphor, you simply remove the "like" and "as" words.

Then rewrite the sentence so it makes sense and so it states that you are what you say you are.

A good way to start is to write a simple "I AM" simile poem. Something like this:

I am as short as a tall table
I am like a friendly circus
I am as curious as a person swimming under water
I am happy like a baby being loved
I am as skinny as a hippo
I am as tired as a rusty nut
I am worn out like an old ripped road map that's been folded too many times

Write your own "I AM" simile poem.

Now remove all of the "like" and "as" words, changing your simile poem into a stronger metaphor poem.

Here is a wonderfully simple metaphor poem in which the author, Daniel, describes himself as a house.

I'm a house,
Three stories high.
I'm a house,
All lonely and shy.
I'm a house,
An old, dirty house.
I'm a house,
With bugs and a mouse.
I'm a house,
With dirty walls.
I'm a house,
With creepy walls.
I'm a house,
All lonely and shy.

Now write your own metaphor poem using a house to describe yourself.

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