Friday, February 04, 2011

Bird Tour - Cayuga Lake

Cayuga Lake
Long Point State Park

Earlier in the week Chevrolet sent me a letter indicating there was a recall on our car. The passenger seat belt could malfunction if the car was involved in an accident. So I had an 8:30 AM appointment today at Gillespie Chevrolet.

After visiting Camerons Bakery to purchase a dozen assorted donuts for the staff at Gillespie made my way over to Union Springs.

Instead of sitting in the waiting room I walked to the Factory Street pond. There I observed 4 Gadwalls, 27 Mallards, 8 Redhead, 1 Red-shouldered Hawk (flew over the pond. Chased by a crow.), and 1 Eastern Screech-Owl (The famous Screechie was soaking up the sun in the entrance of his box.)

Eastern Screech Owl

Spent 20 minutes watching the ducks. Walked back uptown and decided to have breakfast at the Be Happy Cafe. Since all 15 seats at the counter were filled took a seat at a table for four. Next to me was a young mother and her daughter and a young girl, they would be joined by a gentleman. The waitress was Johnny-on-the-spot with fresh coffee and the menu. I ordered a Western omelet which came with home fries and toast (I choose rye). While waiting for my order to come I began the morning Democrat Chronicle crossword. The omelet came out quickly along with the offer of more coffee. Looking around I noticed a wall dedicated to family. There hang a baker's dozen of framed photos. There was also three shelves with supported military paraphernalia along a couple of framed portraits. Cashing out a gentleman, who appeared to be the owner, inquired if my breakfast was OK.

Be Happy Cafe

Upon returning to the Gillespie service desk Bill, the assistant service manager, noted that my car was finished and the seat belt was modified. No charge due to warranty.

Left Gillespie and drove south towards Long Point State Park. At the park observed 100+ Canada Geese, 50+ Mallards, 12 Buffleheads, and 8 Mute Swans.

Canada Geese



Mute Swans

Driving back along the Lake Shore road there were 6 Tundra Swans swimming just offshore.

Tundra Swans

Returned home safely. Another fine winter day.

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