Monday, November 15, 2010

Auburn-Fleming Trail - Bird Tour

Trail - Facing North

Late this afternoon before going to the Hong Kong for dinner I decided to walk the Auburn-Fleming Trail. Coupling my curiosity if there were birds still along the pathway plus my desire to work up an appetite I arrived at the Dunning Avenue trailhead around 4 PM.

At the onset the trail was leaf-covered standing water. Staying on the edge headed south. Was almost immediately met by a fellow and his two dogs - the one unleashed was Mouse. Next I encountered two girls who were walking causally along while smoking.

Just south of the first bridge my attention was drawn to a large barren tree on the west of the trail.

There was a flurry activity within its branches. I observed 2 robins, a Blue Jay, 3 Chickadees, and a cardinal. All these birds would eventually fly to a nearby berry bush.

The lighting was not very cooperative and the photos I took were poor.


Chickadee taking flight

After crossing the second bridge there was an orange snow fence. Beyond the clasped fencing to the left was a run-off pool. My movement put up a Great Blue Heron. The heron flew south over the harvested corn field.

Reaching the end of the trail there were 17 crows in a tall tree. They flew off as I approached.

Returning to my starting point with dusk coming in I encountered no new birds.

The Auburn-Fleming Trail

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