Sunday, November 14, 2010

Annual Osage-Orange Road Trip

At the breakfast table Joan and I decided to make our annual trek for osage-oranges and rose hips. On this unseasonal Sunday we left the driveway around 3 PM. Taking an alternative route down Perrine Avenue and around the back of the Finger Lakes Mall we crossed Rts. 5 & 20 and proceeded to Union Springs.

The Mill Pond on Rt. 90 was calm with only 6 Mallards swimming in the southeast corner.

Factory Street pond was also quiet. Two Gadwalls and 4 Mallards were gliding under the bird box.

Cayuga Lake appeared chilly under steel-gray skies as we rode into Ledyard. Entering the village of Aurora we drove slowly pass the Morehouse residence.

Joan noticed the windfall of osage-oranges in the culvert. Turning around we went back to the Osage-Orange tree and parked on the shoulder of Rt. 90.

Here we found the mother lode. This year's crop of osage-oranges was plentiful and huge. We filled several Wegmans bags.

With our cache on board we once again did a Uturn and headed into the village. Two parties of coeds and their families were standing on the porch of the Aurora Inn. All parking spots on Main Street were taken.

After passing the Wells College boathouse we took the road to Long Point State Park.

First we pulled by the gatehouse and gathered two bags of rose hips. This was a difficult task. Last year's branches had not been trimmed back so Joan and I received numerous scratches as we cut out the red berries.

Near the rose hips were several galls.

Also there was an abandoned bird's nest.

Then we drove into the park and along the shoreline.

Heading back to Aurora we turned east on to Poplar Ridge Road (County Rt. 43A). Along the highway we observed Wild Turkeys, 12 in the first flock and 11 in the second group. Turning left at the Hazard Library in Poplar Ridge we headed north on to Rt. 34B. After driving through Scipio we pulled adjacent to another osage-orange tree. The crop here was not as wholesome of bountiful as the Aurora stop.

With our booty in the back of the car we meander our way home passing the Fleming Firehouse, Emerson Park, Dickman Farms, and Hoopes Park.

For reference: Osage Orange - Revisited

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