Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Onondaga Lake Park - West Shore Trail

After completing an errand for Bradley decided to visit Onondaga Lake Park to try out the new camera, Olympus SP-800UZ.

14MP Digital Camera with 30x Wide Angle
Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 3.0 inch LCD

Pulled into the parking lot just west of the "one lane bridge" across from Longbranch Park. Strolled down the West Shore Trail.

Came to a bench facing south onto the the lake. City of Syracuse is in the background.

Using the bench back as a tripod took some photos. Even on this hazy day you can see what this camera is capable of doing.

Normal shot

Zoom Shot

Super zoom shot - shaky due to no tripod

A passerby said that there was a snake further up the path sunning itself. This is where the zoom makes you brave. Indy eat your heart out.

Before returning to the car stopped under the New York State Thruway bridge to shot some more photos.

Looking back toward the City of Syracuse.

Fisherman in the Onondaga Lake outlet. Three photos - each one zooming in more

Kids on the pier.

Fisherman and two friends under the one-lane bridge.

Continuing on home stopped to visit with Michael at his work. While showing Ron the new camera, he pointed out a couple of the camera features.

All in all a successful road trip.

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