Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Harriet Tubman Family Home

This is a photo of Harriet Tubman's family home on South Street as it is being restored to its original state.

Originally it was a wooden house. Harriet Tubman purchased the house and seven acres for $1,2000 from William H. Seward. The structure burned in 1880.

In 1869 Tubman married Nelson Davis, a Civil War veteran, who was a brick maker. According to reports, Nelson had the permission of the adjacent brick yard owner, John Farmer, to make and keep bricks for a new house on the site of the former wooden one. Nelson made bricks that were 4x4x2. Nelson also built another home named John Brown Hall. In this building Tubman cared for the poor and indigent who were housed on the second floor with the kitchen in the basement. Tubman is credited with establishing one of the first homes for indigent and aged blacks in America.

After Tubman's death, the home was sold to England Norris. A few years ago the home was purchased by the Tubman Association. Traces of origianl wallpaper and an original staircase have been uncovered as well as the fact the kitchen was originally in the basement.

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