Wednesday, July 20, 2005


"to flip-flop, or not to flip-flop"

Did the President accuse the Senator?

Or did the media attack the incumbent?

Whatever! the campaign is over.

But thanks to the the national championship Northwestern University women's lacrosse team flip-flops made it to the White House.

How were we to know that what may have started in a garage with a tire would morph into a pleasant respite from the war, Hurricane Emily, London bombings, Supreme Court confirmations, and other worldly concerns.

Flip - Hooray! for the one of the most comfortable forms of political footwear.

Flop - One recent study showed more and more problems tied to the casual footwear, citing a 15-percent increase in flip-flop-related injuries, such as back pain, knee problems and numbing of the toes.

Our best bet might be to kick the flip-flop habit off every once in awhile. Limiting how often we use flip-flops might save us years of misery down the road.