Friday, December 17, 2004

Maybe Scrooge Had It Right

Many schools are confused about what to do in December.

Since President George W. Bush’s first run for the Presidency, there has been an emphasis on the faith-based point of view and an intense interest in spirituality. This desire to understand religious traditions and to be in touch with a spiritual core appears to have penetrated the schoolhouse. But with this infiltration deep emotions have been triggered because public schools have been a place where we define ourselves as a people.

With Christmas becoming synonymous with the cash register and not the crèche, some parents have expressed the desire that their offspring be allowed to share some of their childhood memories, such as, a big Christmas tree right in the classroom or the belting out of carols with their classmates.

But what are school administrators to do? Perhaps administrators need to call on the Grinch to help solve their dilemma. Then they can "take the path of least resistance" and ban all holiday celebrations.