Monday, January 24, 2011

Red-tail Hawk

Owasco Lake

The morning temperature on the front porch was minus 2˚. By mid-afternoon the thermometer had not passed single digits. Knowing that going for a walk was insane made the decision to take the car for a spin. After mailing an Amazon sell at the Post Office and picking up two reserved books from Seymour Library drove to Owasco Lake.

While coming off the traffic circle and crossing White Bridge I noticed a dark image on the ice below. Entered Emerson Park and made my way to the boat launch. There a few feet from the dock was a Red-tail Hawk feasting on what looked to be a Mallard.

A Centro bus came into the launch driveway and forced me to move the car. Once the bus driver resumed his route I took some more photos and a short movie.

Hawk Flix

Attempted to get closer to the hawk for a better photo opportunity. This spooked the hawk and it flew across the outlet into a tree near the shoreline.

Mallard Remains

For a day that have started off on a cold note it ended with a hot-shot photo session.

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