Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tim's Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon Joan and I made our annual trek to Tim’s Pumpkin Patch. Mid-week proved a good time to visit---no school buses filled with excited elementary kids, no large family groups with demanding siblings, and a well stocked inventory.

First we went inside the barn to gather up 4 wraps of Indian corn.
We also picked up two squash for dinner.

Then outside the barn we selected a dozen corn stalks.

The pumpkins near the barn were $3.00 a piece so we decided to pick your own for $2.00.
Grabbing a wheelbarrow we wandered into the field.
Similar to finding the right Christmas tree we walked around aimlessly until finally there they were. Loaded four into the wagon. But of course we would swap them out several times before going in the store to pay.

The best part of the adventure - freshly baked cookies. We bought two to share - a molasses and a chocolate chip. Delicious but instant sugar overload.

After packing our purchases we made the mandatory visit to the farm animals especially Porky.

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