Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dragonfly Walk

This afternoon attended Jim D'Angelo's dragonfly talk at the Sterling Nature Center in Cayuga County. Arriving late missed the slide presentation but joined the group of over 30 participants on the trails.

Dragonfly Pond

Dragonfly Chasers

At the Dragonfly observation deck Jim identified the very active dragonflies that we flying over the water and through the reeds.

Jim using a guide to point out a dragonfly.

Photographers on observation deck.

Participants leaving the trail.

Visited with Jim in the Center's building. Jim took time to help me identify two dragonflies that I had photographed earlier in the week on the Cayuga College Trail.

Blue Dasher

The Common Whitetail

Jim shared that the turnout for this event was helped by Dave Figura's featured article, Chasing dragonflies: Spectacular colors, patterns attract onlookers in the Friday, July 23rd edition of the Post-Standard.

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